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You can use either the shape tools or the pen tools to create shape layers. Because they are easily moved, resized, aligned, and distributed, shape layers are ideal for making graphics for web pages. A shape layer consists of a fill layer that defines the shape color and a linked vector mask that defines the shape outline. The outline of a shape is a path, which appears in the Paths panel.

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Meet Rebelle 3, a unique digital art software which does just that. Simulating techniques like color blending and wet diffusion, it allows you to create realistic acrylic and watercolor artworks with little to no effort. The program comes with 9 unique brush engines (e.g. Color Smudge, Particle, and Shape) that can be tweaked extensively and WinRAR Windows then organized using a unique tagging system.

The application provides you with a diverse set of predefined brushes and pencils that can be used to create amazing pieces of art. Blaskovic created the app as part of his experimental drawing projects and wanted an easy-to-use program to access natural painting tools on-the-go. The app uses realistic color blending, wet diffusion and drying techniques, and offers a plethora of watercolors, acrylics, inks and pastels.

Get ready to take your imagination to new places with Illustrator on the iPad. Create beautiful graphics, logos, icons, and works of art with advanced vector design tools that have been reimagined from the ground up to work with Apple Pencil and touch. Design on your iPad or your desktop — your files are automatically saved to the cloud, so you can bring your artwork to life wherever you are.

  • GNOME Keysign — GTK/GNOME application to use GnuPG for signing other people’s keys.
  • Used for a wide variety of numerical applications, which includes spectral methods.
  • PARI/GP — Computer algebra system designed for fast computations in number theory.
  • steghide — A steganography utility that is able to hide data in various kinds of image and audio files.
  • AURParchive — Utility which creates and uses PAR2 files to detect damage in data files and repair them if necessary.

Illustrator started its life a little earlier than Photoshop in 1987 and was primarily created for the typesetting and logo areas of graphic design. Illustrator is now seen as a tool for both graphic designers and digital artists to create many different types of digital products. But if you’re more interested in drawing, layout design, infographics, and vector illustration, Corel Draw may be the right software for you. All in all, It’s a solid enough program, with good editing tools and a customizable interface, but it also suffers from a few flaws that can make it frustrating to use for large projects.

While Illustrator may seem like the obvious choice here, it all depends on the type of illustration. Illustrations usually start their life on paper, the drawings are then scanned and brought into a graphics program to colour. As mentioned earlier, with Illustrator we can create clean, extendable graphics, many of which can be easily reused.

A pop-up palette lets you quickly pick colors and brushes while the resource manager makes it easy to import brush and texture packs from other artists. Having a solid understanding of both Photoshop and Illustrator is essential for most designers, whether a web designer, graphic designer, fashion designer, illustrator or any other type of digital creative. Knowing these programs well is going to ensure you choose the best program for the task and create the best possible output.

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Vector shapes are lines and curves you draw using the shape or pen tools. You can create libraries of custom shapes and edit a shape’s outline and attributes . Graphics processing programs are incredible when it comes to modern illustrations, but what if they could replicate the old-school charm of traditional art, such as a watercolor painting?